Metal belts for
baker furnaces « Z belt »

The global leader in metal belts for baker furnaces.

Agrati La Bridoire is the division in charge of manufacturing the metal belts for furnaces within the Agrati France group, European leader in fastening solutions for the automotive industry.


Agrati La Bridoire have been manufacturing for more than 60 years the famous «Z» belt specially designed to meet the specific requirements of biscuit makers using feed through ovens.


The metal belts, also called metal bands, are long lasting and maintenance is quick and simple. Belts are made of carbon steel and can be made with a width of more than 1.5 meter and lengths up to 300 meters.

Using band Z is the only way to quality.


More than 170 years in the metal belt industry.

The company is the specialist of metal weaving since 1840.

Agrati La Bridoire in France, is a 9000m² plant producing threaded fasteners and metal wires for belts. Forty years ago the « Z » series was launched for the baking industries.


« Z » belts provide key benefits for the customer such as lightweight, low heat inertia, high strength and good air circulation through the belt. These features position Agrati La Bridoire as a leader providing worldwide customer in the baking industry.


Belts are manufactured through a controlled process which includes :

  • Steel supplied to high specifications, controlled and selected to provide limited deformation during heating.
  • Recording and tracking of manufacturing processes for regular geometry : Width, pitch, thickness.


Z47 is the best in class product used in large installations with high output (speeds up to 30m/ min).
Open space in the mesh allows good air circulation during baking process.
Z47R is a Z47 belt featuring an improved shear resistance for a longer life cycle and intensive use.
It requires a higher heat during baking process.
Z28 has a reduced wire thickness that requires less heat during baking process for improved savings.
High temperature is not recommended. Designed for length of 100 m.
On special demand: Z28R for heavy duty applications. Thanks to the small hole into the mesh, the Z28R belt allows soft dough baking.
Z48 is specially designed for rusks and hard biscuits. Large hole in mesh improve air circulation.
On special demand: Z48S is similar to the Z48 but with a higher resistance. Other belts are available on special request, please ask for any details.


4 types of belts to meet specific needs of the baking industry :

• Lightweight, reduced size and thickness
• Low heat inertia, good air circulation
• High quality, high strength. Edges are looped for greater flexibility and a better contact with drums – even of small diameters. Edge finish prevents the belt from being damaged by side guides and blades.
• Innovative manufacturing method that provides a perfect alignment of wires for larger open space into the meshes for the same strength. This is key for providing a quick and even baking and helps to keep the belt cleaned.

Loop Edges (thickness +8/10 mm)

• Guarantee longer life time to the edges and to the belt itself being far more resistant to lateral rubbing
• Avoid contact vibrations thus avoiding drop of biscuits in the oven and consequent fire risk
• Protection during cleaning and maintenance
• Greater flexibility and drum contact


Wire diameter (mm)
Pitch (mm)
Thickness of the belt (mm)
Weight/sq meter (kg)
Breaking strength (daN/cm of width)240390160220
Max. Width (mm)1550153015001550
Min drum diameter (mm)300300300300

Installation: Prior to starting up the conveyor belt, cut the belt to secure the longest possible stroke for the tensioning drum. Tension of the belt must be sufficient to prevent the belt sliding over the driving drum. In any case please ensure that the belt is in the right direction (painted arrow).


Recommendations: It is recommended to change the belt every 3 years when normally used (3 shifts). For more intensive use or very high temperature furnaces expected life can be reduced. Normal lead time for a new belt is from 6 to 10 weeks.


We serve our Customers globally.


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